Friday, 19 April 2013


Hey guys!

My current project in university is to create an advertising campaign for a store.
We could choose between IKEA/John Lewis/Topshop/Topman.. seeing that I am rubbish at keeping my home clean, and haven't got the £££ to go out and buy myself a brand new bedroom... I decided that Topshop/Topman was the best bet for me.

I'm quite lucky to have a good life lately, full of skateboarding/snowboard/surfing.. and even better when one of your best surf buds is a 5ft 11 agency model who can come to a skate park with you and do some model shots in the middle of the park :D YAY!

Here's a few of my images...
When I hand them in they'll have the TOPSHOP logo on them... but I'm going to try and get these published.. so won't put it on them for now :D

What do you think?