Sunday, 29 July 2012

I bought a new skirt,

This is how I'm going to dress it up :)
Buying the t-shirt on Friday (PAY DAY WOO!) and then the rest are to come!

Hope you like it!

new buys.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

got to meet my father in law! lots of pictures!

Well, I've been really really busy the last few days!
On Sunday I got to meet my father in law for the first time, kind of weird seeing I've been dating his son for 2 years. Even weirder for my 23 year old boyfriend who hasn't seen his father since he was 2 years old!
Crazy! It was a lovely two days though...

I messaged his dad just before Christmas as he had regular contact with his older sister, but didn't speak to Andrew... which is fair enough, my boyfriend is stubborn haha.
His dad sent him a message, and after around 2 months, he replied back.. and now talk every now and again which is lovely! My deed has been done!

Our niece and nephew got to meet their grandfather, which is what I find the most important! I never had grandparents, as my mum doesn't know her dad, and my dad's dad died before I was born.

I added some fashion into this.. I wanted to make a good impression on my father in law :P
Here are my outfits!

Saturday -

Sunday -

Here's our day in photos.

Meeting grandfather Sutton for the first time!

India being a moody cow again haha.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Square Clothing, Second Drop.

Hey guys, I worked with Square clothing a while ago on their first look book for their latest collection.

Well, Perry (The creator) contacted me again and asked me if I would help with the new stuff.
As you've seen in previous posts, I've been hanging out with Jay (friend and fellow aspiring photographer) and he really likes the Square label. So I invited him along to work on the collection with me. At first, I said we would  'colab' so take images, and put our two styles together into the images.
Didn't stay like that, I was a good friend ;) And slightly sleepy, so let Jay take the lead :)

His images came out great! with a ghostly finish to them, you can find them by searching 'Jay Maybry' on Facebook.

But here are mine!
Hope you like them!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Help me become the face of M and M direct!

Hey guys, It's me again! This time asking for a little favour...

I've been selected for the face of MandMDirect competition, making it into the voting stage (top 50 woo!)
I'm currently 1st place but anything can happen! so i'm asking you to help me by voting for me on their Facebook page?

It's really simple.... just press like and then press vote for me! (Stephanie) -- CLICK HERE TO VOTE!

Here's the image I used.
This is me at my friends wedding last August in Lithuania :)


MWAH! <3

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Afternoon everyone,
Got home from work to a lovely delivery on my Dropbox account.
Last week, I had to travel to Caerleon University (where I will be studying in September) to hand in my previous qualifications to secure my place within my course.
So on my double bus journey, that I will have to do every day for the next three years :( I met up with another student who will be on the same course as me.
Jay "Josh" Maybry. A fellow photographer.
I needed to update my LOOKBOOK page, and Jay needed to update his Portfolio.

Here are some of the images;

 Hype my look on lookbook!