Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thank god it was Thursday.

Hey guys.
Well, as I said in a previous post... I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED COLLEGE WOO!
My class and I all went for a meal last night at TGI's. Being a vegetarian, there's not much choice for me. But I managed to find something good!


Before my food, I went to my niece and nephews sports day (Shaquille's first ever one!)
The school told us to arrive at 2, but started at quarter to :( So we missed Shaquille's first race.
Here are some shots of the kids, plus a few of their mother's friend's children.

Pouting for her mummy's camera haha.

Shaquille being a little monster for his daddy.

My personal favourite photo. My sister-in-law's friend's daughter.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Making Cakes.

We'll, on Sunday, my boyfriend decided he was going to stay out AAAAALLLLLL day and leave me at home alone.. s to cure my boredom, I made some yummy cakes!

I used the 100g of everything recipe.
100g butter
100g sugar
100g self raising flour
+ 2 eggs.
(I also added lemon juice.)

Mix them all together and wahlah! nice cake mixture!

put to cook for 20 minutes on gas mark 5, (180oC?)
and then your done!

I also made butter icing... Just chucked butter and icing sugar into a bowl and continued to play around with amounts until it was good to go!

Hope you like them :)

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Officially finished college!

We'll, it's been a stressful two years but finally! I have finished! just need to wait for my qualification now, and then I will be able to put letters at the end of my name!

  Stephanie Rose Railey DCCE

I should finish with an over all C, which I'm happy with, I need an E over all to get into University ahah.
Here's a few pictures of me and the ladies. SPOT THE BLONDIE!!

Additionally, I started my new job today;

The store is great, really professional. Everyone I met today were soo polite and helpful! Can't wait to spend some good times in the store. and of course the £££££ at the end of the month!
I spent me time on the men's floor today, as in a previous post I stated my boyfriend was boring and only wore polos and liked makes such as Adidas... Well, it's full of polos and Adidas stock!
as well as a number of different brands, these including;

Gio-gio, Voi-Jeans, Super Dry, Vans, Jack and Jones, G-Star, Nanny State and many more!

Woman's area has brands such as;

Paul's boutique, Blonde and Blonde, Little Mistress and lots more too!
Make sure to have a look on the site, there's a massive 70% off sale right now! 
Perfect way to start, chuck us in the deep end!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Birthday Decorations DIY

Continuing with my boyfriends birthday preparations... I had free time in college because I've finished all my work so started to make decorations for the bedroom ready for Andrew's birthday at the start of July.

I found a cute little printable alphabet bunting online, but couldn't print them off in college because the website was blocked :( Sad times!
I had to go on a search and the only semi decent one I found was covered in Pirate designs ahah.

This is the link I downloaded my alphabet bunting from, Luckily the letters I wanted didn't have crazy designs on them (just a few skulls and lines!)
I think they're mega cute and simply easy to make.

All you need to do is print off the letters needed, fold over the top of the bunting around an inch, place string/wall/whatever hanging material you want to use and glue it over!
All done! Nice and simple!

But shhhh, He's not allowed to know!

Boyfriends Birthday Presents. Lots of photos.

My boyfriends birthday is less than a month away now!
I'm more excited than he is!

His mother and I went to the designer outlet in Bridgend (McArthur Glen) on Tuesday to buy Andrew some items for open.
McArthur Glen has a number of designer shops including Calvin Klein, Karen Millen, Levi's and many more.. but my boyfriend's not the 'trendy type', So I shopped in the Sports shop for him.

(Nike, Adidas and Billabong)

Here is what I have bought for him on my trip.

£15 reduced from £60. Nike 6.0 skate shoes. 

Element Tshirt, £30-£21.50. Now £15

Sales Jumper - From TWO DOLLARS - Ebay - £5.50.
I think it's too cute!!

I also bought an Adidas Skateboarding tee.

(Found these images on Rakuten)
£8 reduced from £25! Bargain!

Under £40 altogether! Can't go wrong!
Like I said, he's not trendy! but it's the style he likes so it's what he gets :)

DIY Party Decorations to come!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boring day.

Didn't really do much today.. my last day off from college and it's been too boring.
I went into town with my friend purely to do some window shopping.. only bought a little bracelet from Dorothy Perkins. It's too cute!

and for £2 I couldn't not buy it!
(I bought a lemon coloured strap instead)

I walked past the local Two Seasons store and saw the Tom Veiga range I previous blogged about.. to my disappointment, the bikini tops were soo small, If I were to buy a size 8 bottom, I would have a cup size to match that wouldn't even hold half of my chest :( and you can't mix and match either. Oh well! Lucky for all you girls who are in average proportions!

My trip to Llantwit Major for some surf got cancelled as the ocean was soo flat. WAH! :(

I guess the internet will have to entertain me now!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Beach with Gemma Evans!

Hey guys, I went down to Porthcawl's Rest Bay today for a summer shoot with Gemma Evans..
Got a bit distracted at times because Ripcurl we're also doing a competition down there.. I'll find out the results for that later and post them up!

We had great fun! The sun came out after 2 days of showers and gale-force winds!
It was still a little bit windy though, poor Gemma!

Hope you like them!

Please leave comments saying how you found the images!
Speak soon!