Friday, 15 June 2012

Boyfriends Birthday Presents. Lots of photos.

My boyfriends birthday is less than a month away now!
I'm more excited than he is!

His mother and I went to the designer outlet in Bridgend (McArthur Glen) on Tuesday to buy Andrew some items for open.
McArthur Glen has a number of designer shops including Calvin Klein, Karen Millen, Levi's and many more.. but my boyfriend's not the 'trendy type', So I shopped in the Sports shop for him.

(Nike, Adidas and Billabong)

Here is what I have bought for him on my trip.

£15 reduced from £60. Nike 6.0 skate shoes. 

Element Tshirt, £30-£21.50. Now £15

Sales Jumper - From TWO DOLLARS - Ebay - £5.50.
I think it's too cute!!

I also bought an Adidas Skateboarding tee.

(Found these images on Rakuten)
£8 reduced from £25! Bargain!

Under £40 altogether! Can't go wrong!
Like I said, he's not trendy! but it's the style he likes so it's what he gets :)

DIY Party Decorations to come!


  1. Thanks :)
    Now all I need to get him is a big pack of diet coke and some little bits (socks) haha. x