Saturday, 23 June 2012

Officially finished college!

We'll, it's been a stressful two years but finally! I have finished! just need to wait for my qualification now, and then I will be able to put letters at the end of my name!

  Stephanie Rose Railey DCCE

I should finish with an over all C, which I'm happy with, I need an E over all to get into University ahah.
Here's a few pictures of me and the ladies. SPOT THE BLONDIE!!

Additionally, I started my new job today;

The store is great, really professional. Everyone I met today were soo polite and helpful! Can't wait to spend some good times in the store. and of course the £££££ at the end of the month!
I spent me time on the men's floor today, as in a previous post I stated my boyfriend was boring and only wore polos and liked makes such as Adidas... Well, it's full of polos and Adidas stock!
as well as a number of different brands, these including;

Gio-gio, Voi-Jeans, Super Dry, Vans, Jack and Jones, G-Star, Nanny State and many more!

Woman's area has brands such as;

Paul's boutique, Blonde and Blonde, Little Mistress and lots more too!
Make sure to have a look on the site, there's a massive 70% off sale right now! 
Perfect way to start, chuck us in the deep end!