Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thank god it was Thursday.

Hey guys.
Well, as I said in a previous post... I HAVE OFFICIALLY FINISHED COLLEGE WOO!
My class and I all went for a meal last night at TGI's. Being a vegetarian, there's not much choice for me. But I managed to find something good!


Before my food, I went to my niece and nephews sports day (Shaquille's first ever one!)
The school told us to arrive at 2, but started at quarter to :( So we missed Shaquille's first race.
Here are some shots of the kids, plus a few of their mother's friend's children.

Pouting for her mummy's camera haha.

Shaquille being a little monster for his daddy.

My personal favourite photo. My sister-in-law's friend's daughter.


  1. these kids are so sweet! really liked the photos! :)

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  3. Congrats on finishing school. That is huge news. Love all these cute kiddo pics, btw.

  4. Congratulations!So cute kids ;) great blog :) xx Melodylouise

  5. Hey, I just found your blog!! :)
    Amazing post, lovely pictures!!
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  6. nice pics ;)

  7. ah what lovely photos love the sports day ones! x

  8. Your nephew looks exactly like my bro when he was little!

    Great blog hun.

    Sheree x