Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fashion Friday.

Hello, it's been a busy, busy weekend for me.
On Friday, I had work 9 til 1, had to be in Newport (next city over from Cardiff) for 4... so had 2 hours to get home from work, and get changed for the show. Then the show finished at half 9.. boyfriend picked me up at 10 to 10. To drive all the way back to my little brothers prom in Cardiff for him to have already left!

So had to drive to his house and take some photos and then go home... didn't get back until around 1.. and then had work for 8 hours the next day!  I can say that I am tired... I slept for 10 hours last night! beats the usual 5/6 haha.

Here are some photos from the fashion show.

Bec Cochrane



We are hairy people

some great collections from some great designers.
We are hairy people.
 Bek Cochrane.
and year 9 students from local schools.


PS: Here is me and my not soo little brother after his prom.



  1. Nice collection!! I personally loved the last picture with space designed dress. It's pretty unique and beautiful! Thanks for following my blog, hope you come by again! You're so pretty!! Are you a model? lol

    Little K.

  2. Awesome show! Great pictures.

    Thank you for visiting Blush and your lovely comment! I am following now. I'd love if you follow Blush.


  3. I model in spare time but that's about it... a photographer myself.

    I am already following Blush :)

    thanks ladies! xx

  4. you have a wonderful blog. please visit also mine and tell me what you think <3 <3 <3

  5. wow, that's one gorgeous dress! love cut outs :)

  6. lovely!:)