Friday, 20 July 2012

Square Clothing, Second Drop.

Hey guys, I worked with Square clothing a while ago on their first look book for their latest collection.

Well, Perry (The creator) contacted me again and asked me if I would help with the new stuff.
As you've seen in previous posts, I've been hanging out with Jay (friend and fellow aspiring photographer) and he really likes the Square label. So I invited him along to work on the collection with me. At first, I said we would  'colab' so take images, and put our two styles together into the images.
Didn't stay like that, I was a good friend ;) And slightly sleepy, so let Jay take the lead :)

His images came out great! with a ghostly finish to them, you can find them by searching 'Jay Maybry' on Facebook.

But here are mine!
Hope you like them!


  1. Great pics, great shirts and sweaters!!!! And I totally love the dip dyed hair!!! Follow you! Follow back??

  2. Simply amazing!
    Great pictures and I gotta say: Beautiful model!
    I also really love those sweaters.
    Such a great blog: I had to follow you!