Thursday, 18 October 2012

First University Brief

hey guys, I've been so busy lately I've hardly posted anything!
I've received my first brief from my university course and it's almost finished!
Our module title is 'Street Style', basically, I have to go around my area and ask cool looking people to stop and let me take a photo of what they are wearing. It's pretty fun, and feels good when you find a mega cool person, but totally embarrassing when they say no :( </3

After pestering these poor people, we then had to create a 'straight up, street style' image ourself, so pick the model, and pick the clothing. Here's a few from each part!
Hope you like them!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Threadsence's Runway lookbook show's that no matter what your style is, you can always look good. With their vintage feel, and bohemian edge Threadscene are able to take your breathe away, but not your bank balance with their reasonable prices. Each item of clothing can be worked, and re worked with a number of different ideas and still look great!

3 looks, 1 jeans

Three outfits created from 1 pair of jeans. Defiantly one of my new favourite shops.