Friday, 19 April 2013


Hey guys!

My current project in university is to create an advertising campaign for a store.
We could choose between IKEA/John Lewis/Topshop/Topman.. seeing that I am rubbish at keeping my home clean, and haven't got the £££ to go out and buy myself a brand new bedroom... I decided that Topshop/Topman was the best bet for me.

I'm quite lucky to have a good life lately, full of skateboarding/snowboard/surfing.. and even better when one of your best surf buds is a 5ft 11 agency model who can come to a skate park with you and do some model shots in the middle of the park :D YAY!

Here's a few of my images...
When I hand them in they'll have the TOPSHOP logo on them... but I'm going to try and get these published.. so won't put it on them for now :D

What do you think?


Friday, 29 March 2013


Hey guys!
I've entered a competition to become a Roxy Girl!
If I win I get to go to the HEART ISLAND - Just off Fiji, and another secret trip.. and win up to $5000 and lots of other little stuff!

I had to make a video and now it's up to the world to help me by voting!

Below is the link! if you could pretty please click on the Thumbs up it'd be AMAZING!
You can vote every day from now until the 11th! :D PLEASE HELP ME OUT!


Friday, 8 March 2013

London Fashion Weekend

Hey guys!
Well, I've been off my feet as always, but was lucky enough to go to London for the day with my good friend Zoey Groves... We got tickets for the London Fashion Weekend and got to see some great designers work!
We also got to watch a fashion show based on 4 new hot trends for S/S 13!
You can't beat a bit of monochrome! Here's some images from the day....

Beautiful Neon Clutches! from a various of designers including Michael Kors (pictured below) and Marc Jacobs.

Beautiful nail gloves! I will be creating a DIY of this soon, to keep an eye out.

Stunning collection of leather jackets (I am a big sucker for all things pink, these hit my spot nicely)

Zoey Groves - wearing WE ARE HAIRY PEOPLES custom hand painted denim jacket.

The event wasn't what I was expecting if I am honest, I loved all of the shops, but with ticket prices being at £20 each, the stores had only designer clothing, at unaffordable prices for us students :( but it was nice to have a look at all of the lovely items!

My favourite new designer discovery is the up and coming British fashion designer, Charlotte Taylor. I am a sucker for animals and big prints, and when I found her shirt range from last season I fell in love!

Beautiful bird print! My personal favourite was the penguin print silk shirts! but I couldn't find a picture online :(
You can find out more about Charlotte and her work at her blog here; 

Thanks for reading everyone,
lots of love!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New faces

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I have been a right Busy Bee!
I've had 4 University projects, been to two fashion shows, met an amazing model scout and have been working hard with her and some new faces...

So here are a few of the new faces I photographed,
Nakeisha - Future model management + Viva Model Management
Charley - Future model management + Models 1
Jodie - Future model management

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Clothes Show Live

Hey guys!
been away for far toooo long once again! I've got quite a bit to show you!

Well, since Ellie, I've done 3 more fashion shoots, and was also lucky enough to have a Press Pass for Clothes Show Live :)
Clothes show was amazing! got to see BB in the FLESH! and even better that I was able to enjoy it with my boyfriend who was also given a press pass as a videographer!

here's a few images of what we got up to in the day :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ellie Swain

I did a few more shots in my new studio :D
Ellie Swain is sooooo pretty!

Model - Ellie Swain
Photographer - Stephanie Rose Railey (
DIY hair band ;) Made in 2 minutes.

 More to come tomorrows shoot with model Cherry J ;)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Models 1 and Vision ID modelling Competition.

Hey guys!

Well, I got an email off one of my lecturers inviting us to a modelling event, I emailed the organisers about tickets, and then they offered me paid work for the event so it's win win!
I knew Vision ID from a previous photo shoot I had taken of CAMERON FOX, posted previously.
I was able to meet a few of the 'fresh faces' and was able to get their numbers and hand out my business cards, so I have a few more agency shoots booked now :)

Here's a few images from the night.

Here are a few of the contestants;

(right) Chloe came 2nd place for girls at the end of the event

(Davey, Left and Matt, Right are friends of mine, Matt came in the top 5 boys)

Here's Kurt(First photo left) with Davey and Gareth (Second photo left)
Kurt came 2nd place boys and already had received a contract with Vision ID, and Gareth came 3rd place.

This is Hollie, She's now a top fashion model, scouted by Vision ID (Previously Kirstie Howells) and now placed with Models 1!
An absolutely stunning girl, you can just tell she's a model, and so down to earth.. I spent my whole night with her and Kirstie Howell's telling me how pretty I was and how they loved my hair, was crazy! 

Here's Kurt with Kirstie, Kirstie is a little bit on the champagne side, but still a very laid back and professional agent! Find Kirstie's website here;
You can see all the up and coming models Kirstie has spotted and developped, on their main board and also on the fresh face board! Need to keep an eye out for some of these in the future!

Speak soon!