Tuesday, 5 June 2012

First Post!

Hey guys!
Well, I went into town today for lunch with my good friend Danica. Had my first meal at the student union, BARGAIN!
Then had a little look at a few of the high street stores to see the latest bargains and trends! I'm amazed at how much fashion has gone up in price and how the quality of some dresses have deterioration lately...
but none the less, I found some pretty great stuff and at really good prices.

Mint -
Mint is everywhere, specially in skinny jeans, every shop had a pair, but I've spotted some of the best buys.

These are from Vero Moda, Skinny, ankle fit, with stylist zippers at the end. Personally, these we're my favourite pair. £35 and also come in additional colours (Yellow and Coral)
They are made with super soft cotton and also stretch to ensure a good fit. 5/5 for these!

The TopShop MOTO Supersoft Leigh jeans come in a close second, but this may just be my view of them.
These jeans have a 'washed' look to them, which I think makes them look preowned, but it is fashionable these days. They look great standard or rolled up to ankle length. Machine washable, never had a problem with washing items from Topshop as the quality is always great!

They come in all different waist and leg sizes, and are also elasticated. I don't know if it's in all Topshop stores, but within the Cardiff store today they we're reduced from £38 to £25... so go hunting guys! 4/5.

Another good find were these great jeans from New Look, they're only £16.99 in adult, and if you're lucky like me to be able to fit into children's you can get them for even less. (Plus student discount cards girls)
Lovely and soft quality at 98% cotton and 2% elastane for added comfort. I've rated these jeans as a 3/5 as they aren't fitted as nice as the others today, and I find the quality of the jeans from New Look fades after washes, knees and bums become baggy, but this may just be my experience. For the price it's a not to miss bargain!

Another trend I found, (and one I'm quite obsessed with myself is glitter everywhere I went was glitter, glitter, glitter. From dresses to shoes, I was in glitter paradise! 
Here are a few of my favourite items. 

This is another item from Vero Moda. The Woop Glitter Short Skirt comes in two different colours, the one shown and also in black. Caught my attention the second I entered the store, definitely a wardrobe must!
It's 100% Polyester which is stretchy, but this item is pretty firm, so I don't recommend it if you want to hide your lumps and bumps. Can be worn on hips or high waisted.
4/5 from me! 

This Bodycon Dress by Topshop was my find of the day! Such a great party dress! You would stand out of the crowd without a chance. The colour is so vibrant! 
Due to the dress being made out of nylon is light and tight fitting. I thought this dress would be heavy due to all the sequins, but it's really not. Amazing quality, great dress!
Expensive for my taste, but still great for the ammount of work that must of went into creating this masterpiece! at £58.00
Wouldn't know how to wash it though? - anyone want to share a light on washing conditions?

I bought these shoes last week for my graduation at the end of next week, so excited when I saw these in Primark. A steal at £12 and right on trend at the moment. A perfect fit and are still in stock now, if your size isn't instore, come back the day after. I was told they are constantly being restocked.
These shoes fit my feet perfectly, as I have problem trying to find a size 6 that fits the bottom of my feet, and a size 7 that doesn't fall off my heel. 

Hope you find this helpful guys! Please share my blog, will be updated regularly with my views and lifestyle. Will add my first sneaky DIY tomorrow ;)


  1. I love the first pair of pants. Vero Moda is really a place to find cool stuff - and it's with H&M one of the international (not so expensive) store also present in my town. The sequin dress is beautiful. I think you would be on the safe side to hand-wash it an then to dry it laying it down flat.
    A nice first post, btw!

    Mary Jane

  2. I've got a pair of mint trousers from H&M, so flattering witha zip up the side.. and only a tenner! :)


  3. OOOOO. I am going to have to go check out H&M! it's alwasy messy whenever I try and find anything.

  4. Love those sequin dress, I just made my own sequin skirt. You should hand was carefully . and try to not often wash... I mean you dont have to wash it if just a few hour wore. just hang it on in well air circulation room.