Friday, 8 June 2012

Surfing woo!

Well, yesterday, me and my bud Emilie Layla Lovaine went to Llantwit Major with out Quiksilver surf coach Nathan Phillips.
We almost pulled out because another local surf school had cancelled their lessons and said the sea was 'too dangerous' due to high winds and a killer rip.

We got their around one, but being girls look around half hour to actually get into our wetsuits and reach the water. After a quick warm up and some words of wisdom off Nate we ventured into the sea! The waves were perfect!

not too big, so able to get right on them, and if we missed one the next wave would be straight after so there was no waiting around at all. (for once!)

I was loving it, went out pretty far, so far I couldnt touch the floor, and being 5ft 7 that's pretty deep! 
The waves started to get bigger and the rip tide stronger as the wind picked up and the tide came. I could be sat straight up on the board and pretty far out and the waves would still be coming over my head. Thank god nate brought his mate along, he was my life saver at some points, holding my board as I went through the waves.

Quite happy with my improvement yesterday, getting up a good few times. Then I took a hard knock to the face, felt like my nose was bleeding and all the skin had come off my lips. I was just being a wimp really, nothing wrong with me, but it made me slightly less confident and I just wanted to play on the white waves for the last half hour!\

But all in all, it was a great day! can't wait until next time!

Em's new suit is amazing!

Speak soon!

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