Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I started cycling to college lately, but don't have any trainers as I never wear them... sadly, I turned a sharp corner and scuffed the bottom of my shoe :(

So I thought I'd fix them up with some glitter! and here's a simple step by step DIY to show you how I did it!

Here's my shoe! All sad and dirty. 

You will need, 
Glue - any sort of glue, all I had was some Pricstick, not the best but all I had to hand! Can also use nail varnish but this chips away easily.
Glitter - What ever colour you'd prefer, I've used gold.
Tape - To create a clean line.
Newspaper - Just to keep things tidy.

First, use the tape to create a straight line, to ensure you only get glitter on your selected area.

Next, grab your glue and cover the area, make sure to use lots!
My glue stick already has glitter all over it, so apologize for the pictures!

Then, add your glitter! make sure to cover the whole area!

Take the tape off and repeat on the other shoe!



  1. thats sooo cute!

    have fun wearing them :)

  2. AMAZING !! Such a good idea.. I'd be tempted to scuff them again so I can stick more glitter on !!



  3. Wah-lah, indeed! Smart, creative woman. Thanks for following my blog. Are you on Point me to your link so I can join from there rather than from here. If not, I will connect from here.

  4. These are so pretty! May have a go at this if i get a minute! Xx

  5. I like your DIY stuffs! Hope you can check my blog too!I have some DIY tutorials too!

  6. What a neat idea! They look fabulous!

  7. Love this, does the glitter stay on after a while? would love to do this all over a pair of ballet flats.

    1. Not too well with my pricstick if i'm honest, but then I did wear them in the rain.. but with a stronger glue it will! and if you put like a glaze over the top to protected it it'll help even more!

  8. Noticed when I use a sealer over my glitter in mixed media projects, it reduces the sparkle of the glitter. I've been brushing sealer only on the un-glittered areas, because usually I use glitter in distinct designs, rather than all over. Maybe there's a sealer or glaze that allows the sparkle of glitter to shine through.

  9. Ooo, thanks for sharing :)
    I now know for future reference. xx

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  11. Such an adorable creative way to make your shoes unique ! :)
    I'm just worried about the glitter falling out and chipping :$
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