Monday, 13 August 2012

First bit of agency work!

Hey guys, It's been a mega busy week for me.
I had work all day Monday and Tuesday, Some lovely new pieces have came into bank, I love Disco Pants lately, and these bad boys have just came in... I need them in my life so bad! £30.. but I get 25% off so its a must!

Then had two days at the gym, I will have nice legs soon! haha, Surfed Friday with an old work mate at Rest Bay, Porthcawl. was nice.. can't wait for Tuesday to go again, this time with Emilie from Roxy too!

But yeah, back to this post!
I got to work with an model called Cameron Fox, who's just signed with Vision ID modelling agency, from right here in WALES. It was his first time modelling, and he's only 14! I think he did a brilliant job!


  1. amazing photos! xx

  2. It sounds like you have such a fun job :)Fashion photography would be great, but I think I'd be a little lost in that arena.
    By the way, I absolutely LOVE the picture you have introducing yourself (the one at the top right) So stinkin' pretty, romantic and mysterious :)

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